Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our New Website is LIVE!

Our new website -- is now LIVE! Please take a look around at our photos and our new blog at:

In addition to the excitement surrounding the launch of our new site, we are so blessed to have our Grand Opening this Saturday, June 4th from 2-6 pm. After many months of making custom cakes, cookies and more, we are so blessed to be opening our very own stand-alone shop. Dreams still do come true in America.

If you are in the Orlando area, we'd love to see you at the Grand Opening.

Here's our address:

The Flour Shop
501 N. Orlando Ave.
Suite 243
Winter Park, FL 32789

(321) 55-SUGAR
( 321-557-8427 )

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May The Fourth Be With You

Today, May 4th is "Star Wars Day." In fact, "May The Fourth Be With You" is trending all over Facebook and Twitter as people are posting fun quips about their favorite lines, scenes saying, etc. about this iconic movie franchise.

Recently, we made a wedding cake for a couple who were huge Star Wars buffs. In honor of Star Wars Day, we are posting a few pics for your enjoyment.

May The Fourth Be With You ... Always!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mario Bros Cake, Cupcake and Cookies

Very fun cake to do.  This was my second attempt at a Mario Mushroom Cake.  Had  a request for several characters to be on the cake, so Mario and two others made.  I cannot for the life of me remember their names right now!  

Anyway, the top of the mushroom was rice crispy treats.  On the first cake I did like this, the mushroom top was a little more rounded, this one ended up a little flat.  It was still loved by all the kids, so no worries!

The cupcakes turned out adorable.  Princess Peach, Mario, coins, brick walls, grass and stars were all put on them with fondant.

The cookies were the most fun to do!  I used fondant on sugar cookies.  To me, they had a very simple, geometric design.  To try and get the detail in them was time consuming, but I really enjoyed it. 

This is the first version.  At the last minute, I added a little Mario face peeking out from behind the bushes.  This cake was a 10" and 6".  The second cake, above, was an 8" and 6".

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates for The Flour Shop

We are moving into a storefront in Winter Park, FL!  We are in the process of redoing a Jamaican restaurant, with all it's yellows and oranges, into a cute little cake and cookie boutique.  Pictures are on the way!  We have ripped off a 'fake' wall to discover a black and white tile.  We have removed some non-working coolers to make a cute display nook for our goodies.  There is still a lot of work, but is looking fabulous so far! 

In the meantime, cakes and cookies are still being made!  Weddings, dances, birthdays, etc still continue and it is a pleasure being able to be a part of someone's big day in a little way!

This is my daughter, stacking a cake for me.  It was taken to Tampa, for a Father/Daughter dance.  Since the dance wasn't for moms, I made the three tiers separate so that she could easily stack them once they arrived.  It was a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream.

This sweet cake was for Gold Coast Greyhounds.  They are a Greyhound adoption non-profit.  The cake was auctioned off, and brought in $60 for donations.  I also had the opportunity to judge a cupcake competition, the theme of the night was Cupcakes and Quesadillas. It was a great night!  If you are thinking of adopting a Greyhound or would like to donate to them, check out their website @  They are one of the most caring non-profits for Greyhounds!

This cake was a quick, fun cake for a mom who turned 60.  I had another 60th birthday that same week, and I will post a pic from that on the next blog!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Coxswain Box and a Drum - What?

This cake was for two teenagers having a combined birthday party.  One was a coxswain on the crew team and one was a drummer in the marching band.  The coxswain box was a little larger than life size, but worked out perfectly!  I had done a drum before a couple of years ago, and knew how to make it better.  Drumsticks were fondant.

The kids loved it, and I really like the simplicity of it!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A bit more risqué than I've done in the past!  With teenagers in the house I say no to a lot of batchelor/batchellorette cakes, you know, the ones with body parts and all.  For this one I was told that she could have a bikini on so I actually made it a cross between lingerie and a bikini.  They totally loved it and it was a hit!  For all the bakers out there, the chest was the full size ball pans and the body was and 12x18 sheet cake pan.  I used the copper(light skin tone) for the fondant color, and edible pearls for the pearls.  Edible markers were used for the tattoo.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fourth of July Birthday Cake

Fourth of July birthday!  How awesome is that?  People spending tons on fireworks to help you celebrate your birthday in every city!  This was for a old friend whom I've known for over 20 years.  It was a simple waving flag with fireworks (not real) bursting out of the stars.  Fun one to do and he loved it!  Happy Birthday Ed and Happy Birthday to our country!